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Teeth Whitening Gel

Our #1 Rated Teeth Whitening Kit is more effective, convenient and less painful than traditional in-office treatments. It comes with the ability to whiten teeth up to 10 shades brighter and also serves as a re-usable product that you can continually use in order to keep your teeth shining bright.

The latest cold light technology is proven to be incredibly effective when paired with our teeth whitening gel. The Novashine smart mouthpiece is designed to make sure your teeth are nice and evenly whitened with convenience. This technology allows treatment times to be shortened to only 15 minutes + comes with a 2-year warranty!

Our patented gel refills feature a revolutionary formula that creates results no other teeth whitening kit can. Refills can be found here if you are looking to touch up, maintain whiteness, or prep for future events. We currently offer 2 refill flavors, mint and strawberry.

Our state-of-the art patented teeth whitening gel is manufactured in an FDA registered facility in the USA. It is designed specifically to create maximum results and causes zero sensitivity!

Novashine is the #1 Rated Teeth Whitening Kit for a reason. The LED light + gel come together to provide the best possible Teeth Whitening experience available. The blue light waves energize our 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gel, making it work faster and more effectively on your teeth. Removing almost a lifetime worth of stains in as little as five sessions without causing any pain or sensitivity.

We carefully source our ingredients and meticulously test our formula before going into production. Novashine never tests on animals. We use real volunteers to make sure we are making the best products!

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