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Our Unique Hand Sanitizer Gel is a Professional Grade Hand Sanitizer Gel that utilizes 70% ethyl alcohol and moisturizing properties. Our sanitizing gel kills 99.99% germs more effectively, while leaving your hands feeling soft and clean. Our sanitizers are formulated and tested in our lab in Columbia Missouri. We manufacture all of our products in our FDA registered facility in central Missouri and ship directly from our plant.

To ensure businesses, healthcare facilities and other manufacturers have the supply they need, we are offering 30 and 50 gallon bulk drums of our hand sanitizer gel. These drums can be scheduled to be refilled on a regular basis.

We also provide 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon pails at a discounted price for businesses.

Call us at 573.875.6682 for special B2B!

Hydra Pearl is another high-end production line which is available on Amazon now. Hydra Pearl Hand Sanitizer Gel kills germs effectively using our unique formula which includes 70% ethyl alcohol. It simultaneously leaves your hands feeling soft, refreshed and healthy while having a pleasant scent. Our hand-sanitizing gel's effectiveness isn't going unnoticed and has frequently sold-out. The gel formula includes premium ingredients that are gentle on your hands while getting the job done. We have gotten a high start rating from our customers feedback within a short time!

Place the order on Amazon and enjoy the good deal with next-day shipping service, we are looking forward to your reviews on Hydra Peal Hand Sanitizer!



Medically Formulated


Fast Results

Instantly kills germs and bacteria on contact.

Bacteria-Strain Resistant Technology

Prevent spreading of viruses with our medically developed formula.

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